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The Otherside Travel was founded on the development of our culture and tourism industry. As one of the greatest cultural and travel marketing service agencies in China, we are experienced in global marketing and promotion of Chinese destinations, provides clients professional marketing solution includes tour product development, overseas digital marketing, tourism strategy consulting and MICE activities, such as organizing and executing of international fairs and sports events. The Otherside Travel has built solid partnership with China’s central government —Yunnan and Guizhou Tourism Administration and other commissions of tourism development all around China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan etc. Until now, The Otherside Travel has served 10 provincial and more than 20 tourism destinations. As the international travel branch of the well-established The Otherside Travel Consulting Co. Ltd., AmazingGuizhou Travel can draw upon many years of experience in the Chinese travel market since 1981. The Otherside Travel focuses on customized tours and travel services in China. We have understood combining modern Chinese travel destinations with our clients’ special requirements...




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